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MA Drug Lawyer
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Massachusetts Drug Lawyer
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Attorney Massachusetts Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer James Powderly provides high quality representation to individuals charged with offenses ranging from simple possession to cultivation, distribution and trafficking. Attorney Powderly has experience defending clients charged with high profile offenses as the result of local, state and DEA investigations. As a direct result of the government's war on drugs, penalties for drug related offenses are harsh. Drug crimes and penalties are complex, depending on which substances are involved, the amount of weight in your possession and if there is an allegation of possession or sale. Besides the risk of your liberty, drug convictions carry additional penalties such as loss of driver’s license, ineligibility of student loan programs, loss of government housing and assistance, immigration problems and loss of career opportunities.

Attorney Powderly is a graduate of New York University and Northeastern School of Law. He is currently a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Massachusetts Bar Association and is admitted to practice in Massachusetts state and federal court and Rhode Island state and federal court. Attorney Powderly is a frequent speaker and lecturer to other attorneys about criminal defense topics including cross examination techniques and trial practice strategies. With a private practice devoted exclusively to criminal defense, Attorney Powderly has successfully defended over 1000 clients throughout Massachusetts.

If you are facing drug charges in Massachusetts it is highly important you speak with an experience drug crimes defense lawyer immediately. A skilled and knowledgeable MA drug crimes attorney will fight on your behalf challenging the evidence against you and working to ensure your rights are protected. Massachusetts drug crimes attorney James Powderly is committed to providing you with the attention and dedication that is needed to successfully fight on your behalf.